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Yoga posters

Four beautiful Yoga posters created by photographer Reed Rahn.

Abstract Yoga Poster


This beautiful black & white 8.5 X 36 inch poster is sure to inspire the artist in everyone. These are part of a 6-month self-portrait yoga project of photographing over 70 different yoga postures. These photographs combine imagination and a love for photographic lighting. The finest art galleries in the world have acknowledged these photographs.

This highly creative yoga poster evokes a variety of feelings and moods of yoga from the smooth taught spiral of the twisted headstand, to the inward focus of the seated head to thigh pose, to the complexly knotted supine Eagle variation, to the simple and lovely finger and toe stretch. This poster is 8.5" x 36" and printed on acid free poster stock.

Price $18.00

Graceful Yoga Poster


Let the energy of this beautiful 8.5 X 36-inch "Graceful Yoga Poster" photographed by International People Photographer Reed Rahn inspirer you. Mareville at the incredible practice of Yoga through Yoga Instructor Siri Om Kaur! Let her beautiful life long Hatha Yoga Practice be an inspiration to you! Let here vibration lead you to your own Graceful Yoga Practice!

Siri Om demonstrates excellent form in five important yoga poses to beautiful effect. A teacher in the Kundalini tradition, her elegance, strength and grace are a joy to see everyday. The poster is 8.5" x 36" and printed on acid free poster stock.

Price $18.00

Chakra Power Arizona Wild Flowers Poster


On leash the power of nature in this 12 X 36 inch "Chakra Power" Poster! International Photographer Reed Rahn shares his love of flower photography. These seven photographs of Arizona Wild Flowers will amplify the power of your own Chakras by focusing on their breathtaking colors photographed in Arizona's Wild! By imagining these colors into your body and psyche you will feel the power of nature heal your body!

This unique chakra poster reflects the analogy of the chakras as blooming flowers. It is 12" x 36" and printed on acid free poster stock.

Price $22.00


Reed Rahn a International Commercial People Photographer of 25 years has collaborated again with his favorite Kundalini Yoga Instructor, Model, and Transformational Specialist Jeannine Marzella. This is the first Kundalini Yoga Poster of its kind. The Poster carries the vibration of all the Great Teachers or Guru's of Kundalini. The Poster contains 36 Classic Postures or Kriyas of Kundalini Yoga! The energy of the Poster is meant to transforms life's!

Kundalini yoga teacher Jeanine Marzella demonstrates 36 key Kundalini Yoga poses in this elegant poster. The words on the bottom indicate the benefits of practice; awareness, flexibility, focus, grace and strength. It 24" x 36" and printed on acid free poster stock.

Price $25.00


The 4 posters above are just the tip of the collection of Reed Rahn Yoga Photograpy, Flower Photography and Landscape Photography. Any of the Posters that are not listed on this page can be viewed at www.reedrahn.com under the Art, Posters, Nature, and Flower photography sections on his web site. Then all you have to do is call Reed to special order your favorite image! The price is $79.95 plus shipping for all other posters.

All of Reed Rahn's images can be purchased in a limited Edition Print Form as well.

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