Welcome to Arizona Hiking Yoga

Arizona Hiking Yoga has over 30 years experience Hiking and Practicing Yoga, and Qi Gong in the Arizona Wilderness. Our whole purpose is to connect you to the great forces of nature, and being in the moment! Our 65 minute classes start at $75.00 per class, classes are by reservation / appointment only.

We encourage students to constantly monitor their body's movement, never inflicting pain upon oneself while practicing our Yoga! Each person has a different bone structure, which means you have your own special practice. We accept our bodies and ourselves exactly the way we are at that moment.

By continuing the Yoga your body will become healthier every day. When a student practices Yoga one cannot help feeling better about ones' life. In fact by practicing these ancient practices positive thinking will over flow your whole being.

By practicing Yoga you will exercise your internal organs and find you no longer want to eat as much food. Your body will wake up and tell you exactly what you need. Back problems will become lessoned or none existent. The Yoga positions we share create a tone and sculpt body. After hiking and practicing yoga, you will find a whole new positive perspective on life. By connecting your body with your breath you will find stillness in your mind from all the busy thoughts that steal your inner peace. You will come to know that your true happiness is only one breath away.

Man doing Yoga Pose on Rock in the Desert

Things You Need To Know:

All classes are by reservation only. Instructors do not show up at any of these hikes without pre-booked participants that have paid in full, before the Arizona Hiking Yoga date. We have two types of Hiking Yoga classes, depending on what your timetable is and what your physical condition is.

Yoga classes:

  • 1.) Easy Hiking & Easy Yoga (65-90 minutes).
  • 2.) Moderate Hiking & Easy Yoga (90 - 180 minutes).


  • Yoga classes are 65 minutes & 180 minutes. Be flexible on the times, some people will be fast, others will be slower.
  • We have a several hiking locations to choose from.
  • Men's and women's bathroom are at Dreamy Draw Park, and No Bathrooms at South Mountain Park where we meet.
  • Please turn all Cell Phones off.
  • Please no perfume, lotions, or scented oils, bugs will be attracted to you.
  • Bring water in your day pack, an apple or a little snack for energy.
  • If you think there could be a chance of rain, bring an umbrella or rain gear.
  • Please show up 10 to 15 minutes before classes. Payment accepted at end of class for late arrivals.
  • Where to find the instructors? ...look for the Yoga instructor holding a Red & Yellow ASU Umbrella.
  • Wear comfortable, non-revealing clothing. If it's warm, wear shorts & short sleeve shirts.
  • You have your own yoga practice, go at your own pace, never compete.
  • You can always stop or turn around if you aren't feeling well, or you can sit and relax surrounded by the beautiful desert, and wait for the group to come back. You must always take care of yourself.