Arizona Hiking Yoga - Class Descriptions

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Reed Rahn practicing Hiking Yoga at McDowell Mountains.

Hiking Yoga - at A Mountain (Tempe Butte) downtown Tempe

Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 12 people

By apointment only... (classes will resume in the spring)

Description: (Easy to Moderate Hiking and easy yoga) Walk the landmark of the first settlers of The Valley of the Sun. We will see ancient petroglyph of the ancient Hokokam. This hike is a perfect way to get recharged to blow through the rest of your day with lots of energy. We meet at the northeast parking lot of Third Street & Mill Avenue (Parking is $2.00), on the North side of downtown Tempe, where we will start practice yoga for 10 minutes. Next we climb, and hike the Butte for 20 minutes from top to bottom from one side to the other side. On the way down from the very top, we let go more of the day practicing yoga for 20 minutes in a beautiful little mountain park, which overlooks the valley to the south, and southwest with all its incredible views. After becoming totally centered from stretching and breathing we will walk back down the little mountain for 10 minutes to stop and finish with a 5-minute standing breathing meditation at the end. (We meet at the southeast corner of parking lot, next to train tracks). Look for instructor guide with ASU umbrella that is red, and yellow.

Directions to location: Parking Entrance is at the south end of the lot, located at Mill and West 3rd Street.
Parking area: Google map.

Hiking Yoga at Dreamy Draw Park on Tail #100

Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 12 people

Sunday (9:00 AM - 11:45 AM, and then again at 1:00 PM - 3:45 PM) (Cost $125.00)

Description: (Moderate hiking and easy yoga) We meet at the volleyball court at Dreamy Draw, where we'll spend 15 minutes stretching our bodies and practicing yoga poses, then we'll head south on trail #100, which is a moderate trail with a nice incline. As we hike up the trail we will overlook the valley to the north. After hiking for 45 minutes we will stop in a valley completely surrounded by beautiful desert that shows little to no trace of mankind, with a beautiful view of Piewesta Peak to the south. We will practice yoga for 45 minutes connecting with the earth, and then it's back down the trail for 45 minutes of hiking, looking at Four Peaks to the east and marveling at a beautiful petroglyph that over looks the valley to the north. When we reach the bottom we will have a 5- minute standing meditation to close our session. (Meeting on Volleyball court, south of the parking lot).

Directions to location: Exit Northern Ave off of Hwy 51, head East to the end of the Dreamy Draw. Meet at the South side of the parking lot for the start of the Dreamy Draw hike. Look for instructor guide with ASU umbrella that is red, and yellow.
Parking area: Google map

Hiking Yoga at Phoenix Mountain Park - Piestewa Peak

Minimum: 2 people
Maximum: 12 people

Thursday (9:00 AM - 10:45 AM, and then again at 1:00 PM - 12:45 PM) (Cost $75.00)

Description: Easy to moderate hiking. Drive to the end of Squaw Peak Drive heading north. We will start with a 10-minute stretching of Yoga. Then we will take the majestic Freedom Trail #302 and walk for 30 minutes North to a place I call Cathedral Point. At this beautiful setting we will be encompassed by mountains in every direction. To the Southwest we will see Piestewa Peak. We will practice 30 minutes of yoga and then walk down 30 minutes to where we started. At the end we will take a 5-minute standing meditation to end this incredible journey. (Meet At Trail Head). Look for instructor guide with ASU umbrella that is red and yellow.

Directions to location: Take Lincoln Dr. to East Squaw Peak Dr. and follow it until it dead ends into the last parking area.
Parking area: Google map.

Wet Beaver Creek

Description: Bell Trail #13 is a wilderness area of a free-flowing stream 12 months out of the year located in high desert conditions. It is best hike early in the morning or late in the evening in the warm months. We only walk in about 1.5 miles to a hidden part of the stream that will make you feel you are in the Garden of Eden. In fact, in late July and August you will find Black Berries to eat along with the bears of the area, I personally have never seen. Also, you will find a nice size wading pool of ice-cold water for the people that want to feel the energy of the stream. We will practice an hour of yoga and then jump in or you can stay in shivasana and drift away. Total time 3.5 to 4 hours, depending how long you want to stay. Some people just chill at this spot with a book all day long. As usual your Arizona Hiking Yoga Guide will be waiting for you. This can be a busy trail on the weekends. Weekdays are always less crowded.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Person = $200
    • 2 People = $250
    • 3 People = $325
    • 4 People = $400
    • 5 People = $450
    • 6 People = $500
    • $25 for Each Additional Person
  • Parking Cost: $5 per vehicle
  • Directions: Drive 40 miles south from Flagstaff on Interstate 17. Leave the interstate at the AZ 179 interchange. Turn east under the highway and drive about 1.5 miles east to the old Beaver Creek Ranger Station turnoff. Turn north about a quarter mile to the parking lot and trailhead.
  • GPS: 34°40'26.0"N 111°42'50.0"W

More Hikes

Secret Trails No One Knows Of

Over the years of hiking, we have discovered other trails that are not part of the designated trail system. Yet they are Amazing and beautiful. In other words, you can be in the middle of some of the close mountain parks and find yourself completely alone. One is in Phoenix, and one is in Scottsdale. To have access to either trail you must pay an additional $100.00, for one person, and additional $200.00 for two people above the normal fee.

Extreme Wilderness Hikes

Do you need an adventure that you won’t forget that makes you feel like you are the only person on the planet? Look no more! We have three hikes in the Superstitions that are day hikes that loses every soul! Who knows it could be the doorway to the “Lost Dutchman’s Mine”! Cost: $100.00

Yoga Hiking Retreats

Fall 2021

  • Sedona
  • Lake Powell
  • Monument Valley

Spring 2022

  • Havasupai Fall
  • Zion National Monument
  • Grand Canyon Rafting

Group Events

Book Arizona Hiking Yoga for your next event:

Do you have a special event and want to do something different for a change? Something that everyone in the party will remember for a lifetime? Then why not choose a Arizona Hiking Yoga? It is a great time for all kinds of events...

  • Birthday Party
  • Family Get-Together
  • Local Team Building Events
  • Out-of-Town Convention Activities for your Company
  • You Name It...

Please call for pricing.

Private Yoga & Hiking Trips

We also book a private Hiking & Yoga to anywhere in the state you might want to go. Reed has hiked many trails from the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Flagstaff, San Francisco Peaks, Mount Lemon, Mt Graham, Chiricahua Mountains, Canyon De Chelly, Monument Valley, and Lake Powell. These out of town hikes also include having Reed bring his camera. That means you get a Hiking Yoga Expert, and a National Geographic, Yoga Photographer to record your hiking yoga trip. You just tell us where you want to go and what your budget is, and we create your trip.

Please call for pricing.

Things You Need To Know


Inner-City Mountain Hikes & Yoga: Suggestions on what you can bring (or not bring) to the Inner-City Mountain Hikes & Yoga. Empty Bladder, make sure you go to the restroom before the class, Fanny Pack or Camelback Hydration Pack for water, optional hat, sunglasses, sunscreen, lip balm, hiking shoes or gym shoes with good tread, yoga pants and shirt, or flexible pants with tight flexible top to hold in private areas, or a warm-up suit.


No open toe shoes, No perfume or after-shave, because the bugs love this.


  1. Is water available? Yes, water is available at all of these hiking locations, but bring your own water just in case.
  2. Are there Restrooms? Dreamy Draw Park, South Mountain, Holbert trail, and Piestewa Peak yes, 90% of the Wilderness Hiking Trails yes.
  3. Is there enough parking? Yes, always shows up 15 minutes early so you'll have plenty of time to find a space.
  4. Is weather a problem? We will let you know with an email the day before Hiking & Yoga if weather could interfere with the scheduled class.