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Hieroglyphics Trail 101

Hieroglyphics Trail 101

Hike Description:

A short but sweet trail. 1.1 miles in length. An easy hike up to an area where Native American Petroglyphic are. Trail begins at the forest boundary. Access to this point is across State Trust land and private land. Respect private property right. From the parking lot you will hike the 1.1 miles into a canyon that depending on time of the year some water can flow down the smooth rocks that you will find numerous petroglyphic. Depending on your speed it can take 20 to 30 minutes. Then we practice yoga for 45 minutes and walk down the trail. Total time about 1.5 hours again depending on your pace walking.

As usual your guide will meet you at the trail head wearing a backpack with yoga mats attached and holding an ASU Umbrella.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Person = $125
    • 2 People = $150
    • 3 People = $175
    • 4 People = $225
    • 5 People = $250
    • 6 People = $275
    • $25 for Each Additional Person
  • Parking Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Easy - (A Challenge If You Don’t Exercise)
  • Hike Duration: 90 minutes
  • Directions: East on U.S. 60, 5 miles from Apache Junction North on Kings Ranch Road, 1.6 miles East on Baseline Ave, 0.3 miles North on Mohican Road, 0.3 miles West on Valley View Drive North on Whitetail Road, 0.3 miles East on Cloudview Ave., 0.4 miles to dead end/TH