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Camelback Mountain - Echo Canyon

Camelback Mountain - Echo Canyon Trail

Hike Description:

This hike will get your heart pumping! We meet at the Veranda of Echo Canyon Trail. We will start with 15 minutes of stretching & yoga. Then it's time to climb 20 to 25 minutes depending on physical shape you may be in, and then we cut southwest on a side trail to a flat surface overhanging the valley! We will proceed with another 45 minutes of Yoga & Chi Gong! Then its 30 minutes coming down holding on to metal railing coming down a steep trail!

For groups, and individuals needing more of a hike, you can continue hiking up the mountan for another 30 to 40 minutes, and come down without your Arizona Hiking Instructor. (Be patient with parking, people are leaving every 5 minutes, and you will find parking) (If you are from out of town you might want to take a taxi to trail, and call a taxi to get back to hotel!) (Has bathrooms & water)

As usual your guide will meet you at the trail head wearing a backpack with yoga mats attached and holding an ASU Umbrella.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Person = $100
    • 2 People = $150
    • 3 People = $200
    • 4 People = $225
    • 5 People = $250
    • 6 People = $275
    • $25 for Each Additional Person
  • Parking Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Moderate - (Should Be For Some One That Exercises Often)
  • Hike Duration: 90 minutes
  • Location: 57 N Echo Canyon Parkway