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Papago Park

Papago Park

Hike Description:

Walk the sacred grounds of the ancient Hohokam tribe. Connect with the majestic Sandstone Red Rocks of the Arizona Desert. Right across from the Phoenix Zoo, to the west, is North Moreland Street. From North Galvin Parkway is the parking lots we start are Arizona Hiking Yoga heading north. We start out with 10 minutes of stretching, and yoga. Then we hike 10 minutes to the base of Papago Butt! The little mountains where formed some 15 million years ago, the ancient Hohokam used many of the holes in the rocks, as opening to track the solstices. With the face of the mountain towering your presence, you will practice 30 minutes of yoga and then we hike back to the beginning of the trail where you started 10 minutes, we will then proceed with a final 5-minute standing meditation to end our experience. When you are finished you will be ready to keep on enjoy the rest of your day. (Meet at the Veranda north of parking lot).

As usual your guide will meet you at the trail head wearing a backpack with yoga mats attached and holding an ASU Umbrella.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Person = $100
    • 2 People = $100
    • 3 People = $150
    • 4 People = $175
    • 5 People = $200
    • 6 People = $225
    • $25 for Each Additional Person
  • Parking Cost: Free
  • Difficulty: Easy - (A Challenge If You Don’t Exercise)
  • Hike Duration: 90 minutes
  • Directions: Galvin Parkway to North Moreland St, Parking Entrance is on the North side of North Moreland St.