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Secret Slick Rock Trail

Secret Slick Rock Trail

Hike Description:

This is an easy hike ¾ miles round trip. But the view is one of the best in Sedona. In the summer a late hike with Yoga and Chi Gong is the best in the Spring and Fall 3 or 4 pm. For years I always wondered where this location was, where I would see beautiful photographs of the location. Then with Google earth I finally found this amazing location. When driving out of Crescent Moon Park you turn right heading to a dead-end road to the trailhead. Look for the guide with a backpack holding yoga mats and holding an ASU umbrella.

The guide will have his or her cell phone to call you if you are having any challenges finding the trail. Your guide will have your cell number to call you if you are having any challenges finding the trail. As usual we start with 5 to 10 minutes of Yoga and Chi Gong stretching to prepare our bodies. Then we carry our yoga mats to this amazing geological overlook. Total time spent is 1.5 hours. If it has rained that day, the holes created beautiful ponds reflecting Cathedral Rock in them. All levels.

As usual your guide will meet you at the trail head wearing a backpack with yoga mats attached and holding an ASU Umbrella.

  • Cost:
    • 1 Person = $125
    • 2 People = $150
    • 3 People = $175
    • 4 People = $200
    • 5 People = $225
    • 6 People = $250
    • $25 for Each Additional Person
  • Savings: Best to buy Red Rock Pass
  • Difficulty: Easy - (Should Be For Some One That Exercises Often)
  • Hike Duration & Yoga: 90 minutes
  • Directions: From the “Y” intersection in Sedona (the junction of State Routes 89A and 179), travel west on 89A for 4.2 miles to Upper Red Rock Loop Rd. Turn left and go 1.8 miles to Chavez Ranch Road. Turn left and go 1 mile to locked gate. Secret Slickrock Trail is on the right across from a few parking spaces.
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